Speaking of the Avengers. . .

Holy crap look what I found on Facebook.

Yes, sirs!

Now that’s motivation.

My screensaver already says that exact thing, but without the role models pointing at me in a way that is empowering while also being slightly accusatory, as if they know that I’m being lazy right this very second. (They do have superpowers. Well, some more than others.*)

It would be more effective if they were in their Avengers costumes, and I had trouble determining that the one on the left is Captain America with brown hair and a beard (that is him, right?), and I swear to God I thought Thor was a beefy Legolas at first with that hairdo (never wear ponytails, men, never),  but still. Desktop background, yes?

*Related post: Some thoughts on superheroes. Or, the one in which I somehow manage to mention Star Wars, D&D, and Stargate SG-1, totally betraying what I did in high school.


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