Shots of Stuff Saturday: McConnell’s Mill, Ohiopyle, and in between.

Swimmers at Ohiopyle State Park.

So I’m very behind on my photo posts because it’s been pretty busy lately with the wedding and all. Actually, no. That’s just an excuse. The actual reason is that I never should have declared Saturday photo day in the first place because I am usually so lazy on Saturdays that repositioning myself on the couch is an effort. I’m so lethargic it’s amazing my heart doesn’t just stop. I only chose Saturday for the (kind of crappy) alliteration anyway. I may be reevaluating this. I’m thinking “Photo Phriday.” Thoughts?

But anyway. About two months ago, the then-not-husband but now-husband and I got bored, so we went exploring outside of Pittsburgh. In addition to Ohiopyle and McConnell’s Mill, we went way too fast down some (possibly private) dirt roads and maybe trespassed on a construction site so Todd could check out a very large piece of machinery that I call a “Picker-Putter” because it picks things up and then puts them down somewhere else. (Not pictured.) I am told it is actually called a “dragline excavator.” Whatever. We also went to Fallingwater, but the very image of the house is copyrighted, so those pictures have to remain personal. We saw about half a dozen deer at different points, as well, but I was never fast enough with the camera. You win this time, nature.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the things I did take pictures of. Enjoy!


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