Some literary links and a very bad decision. Or, Somebody please stop me from getting a Tumblr, too.

So I read this thing on The Millions about literary Tumblrs, and then read lots of the literary Tumblrs. (Do you capitalize “Tumblr?” I don’t think MLA has a section on this yet.) I haven’t read them all, but here are my favorites so far:

#whatshouldwecallpoets: I find this hilarious because although I am technically a fiction writer and not a poet, we share some common problems that are made a lot funnier and more bearable with GIFs. We writers also seem to all have a self-depreciating sense of humor. It is how we survive the rejection.

You Chose Wrong: Basically a compendium of endings from choose-your-own-adventure novels, but only the endings where things go terribly wrong and your errant character dies a horrible death. Pretty funny stuff, rendered even funnier by being out of context. Something might be wrong with me.

Unquotables: Quotes by famous people, except, wait, that’s not what they said! Example: “Don’t pay attention to what they write about you, just measure it in inches. The size of my penis always comforts me when they write mean things about me.” -Andy Warhol

This one is pretty cool, too: Write Place Write Time. It’s all writers posting pictures of their writing spaces and talking about them, also often including interesting tidbits about their habits and writing rituals, like Lauren Groff talking to her little Buddha statue when the writing’s not coming along well. Probably something only a writer could love, and therefore I love it. It also makes me want to get myself a much better writing space and some statuary to talk to.

So that’s all great, right? Wrong. Here’s the bad part:

Apparently, Tumblr also keeps a running list of all the writers and poets that have Tumblrs, and this, combined with all the amusing literary Tumblrs, makes me want to start my own Tumblr (in addition to my WordPress site, of course). This, in turn, leads me to wonder,


Do I really need another thing on the internet to waste precious time that I should be using to write, you know, stories? Probably not. Do I really need two blogs to keep up with and post stuff on? No, not really. (But Roxane Gay has both a Tumblr and a blog on her website, and I do want to be just like her.) Is it kind of over-the-top, unnecessary, and slightly narcissistic to have two blogs about yourself? Almost definitely. Also, I really do hate the word “Tumblr.” I don’t care about your rationale; where’s the fucking ‘e’?! But.


I REALLY WANT TO BE ON THAT LIST OF WRITERS WITH TUMBLRS. This probably stems from some childhood trauma involving being rejected and made fun of by the other kids that now has me possessed by this raving need to feel included. But whatever.

WordPress, for the sake of my spare time, sanity, and writing career, why don’t you do something like this? That would be super, and then I wouldn’t have to have two blogs!

I’m probably going to get a Tumblr.


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