Vegetarian by default: a not particularly moral or healthy woman’s very subjective rationale.

I’m not really a vegetarian; I just don’t eat much meat because, well, I don’t like it. If given the choice between chicken or eggplant, steak or portobello mushrooms, fish or tofu, I would choose eggplant, mushroom, and, well, fish every time. (I do very much like fish, and is it really a meat? Like, really? I think it’s more of a sea vegetable. No offense, fish.)

This is not a moral thing. I respect life. I love it. It’s great. But, you know, animals eat each other all the time. And humans are animals. So it’s perfectly natural and not immoral at all to eat you some animals, in my book. It’s the circle of life, Lion King, etc. Now, I am against the inhumane treatment of farm animals, prefer to eat local and organic, and suspect every large food corporation of evilly making shortcuts at the expense of the public’s health in order to line their pockets because I am a conspiracy theorist at heart. Chiquita Banana? Money-grubbing whores! (Just kidding Chiquita Banana don’t sue me!)

It’s also not really a health thing. I do try to mostly eat healthy, but then again, I eat an alarming quantity of potato chips, which I believe are deep fried in the fat of a thousand babies they’re so good. (Unhealthy AND immoral!) So, obviously, I’m not that concerned with my health. I’m still in my 20’s, after all, and therefore immortal.

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