Shots of Stuff Saturday! (I don’t know, everyone else has a photo theme day with an alliteration.)

Here are some things I saw in that last week(ish)! Includes an Indonesian tall ship from NOLA Navy Week, a civil war reenactment at Fort Jackson, and lots of bars. In review, it seems I may spend too much time at bars.

Taken on my iPhone with either Hipstamatic or Instagram, cause don’t they make photos look so cool and also effortless?

Rainy Saturdays are for doing absolutely nothing, except for this.

Rainy Saturday mornings are the best. On sunny or partly cloudy Saturday mornings, one may feel pressure to get up and DO something. Like finish one’s health insurance paperwork. Or pick one’s socks up off the floor. Or get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. When really, all any of us want to do is stay in bed and do absolutely nothing useful. Am I right?

So let’s celebrate that with some relaxing, lazy, beautifully gloomy rainy day photos. All taken by me with my iPhone, in places ranging from Louisiana to Pennsylvania to France, sometime between October 2011 and this morning, using either Instagram or Hipstamatic, cause I’m a hipsta like that. Enjoy, and happy Saturday.

This is the only thing I’ve done so far today. I hope your Saturday is going just as well.