It’s Monday, so let’s put off work a little longer, look at some atmospheric photos of the countryside from my Christmas in Missouri, and pretend like we’re there, breathing in the crisp winter air, gazing at livestock, watching the breeze ripple the surface of a pond as we feel so free and young and alive, instead of here in our desk chairs with poor lumbar support, slowly Carpal Tunneling our fingerbones as we count the minutes till lunch.



That’s all. Now back to work.

Shots of Stuff Saturday: McConnell’s Mill, Ohiopyle, and in between.

Swimmers at Ohiopyle State Park.

So I’m very behind on my photo posts because it’s been pretty busy lately with the wedding and all. Actually, no. That’s just an excuse. The actual reason is that I never should have declared Saturday photo day in the first place because I am usually so lazy on Saturdays that repositioning myself on the couch is an effort. I’m so lethargic it’s amazing my heart doesn’t just stop. I only chose Saturday for the (kind of crappy) alliteration anyway. I may be reevaluating this. I’m thinking “Photo Phriday.” Thoughts?

But anyway. About two months ago, the then-not-husband but now-husband and I got bored, so we went exploring outside of Pittsburgh. In addition to Ohiopyle and McConnell’s Mill, we went way too fast down some (possibly private) dirt roads and maybe trespassed on a construction site so Todd could check out a very large piece of machinery that I call a “Picker-Putter” because it picks things up and then puts them down somewhere else. (Not pictured.) I am told it is actually called a “dragline excavator.” Whatever. We also went to Fallingwater, but the very image of the house is copyrighted, so those pictures have to remain personal. We saw about half a dozen deer at different points, as well, but I was never fast enough with the camera. You win this time, nature.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the things I did take pictures of. Enjoy!

We were bored, so we went to Cleveland. Unexpectedly, it helped.

We took the long way, driving up to Erie and then trying to make it to Cleveland only using roads from which we could see the lake, because we like to present ourselves with arbitrary challenges to make our travels more interesting. This did not entirely work out. At a couple points we found ourselves on dirt roads that didn’t really go anywhere, and for ten memorable minutes we ended up semi-lost in a game reserve and I was convinced we were going to get accidentally shot by hunters. We stumbled across a town called Geneva on the Lake, which with all its arcades and knickknack shops and motorcycles and purveyors of hot dogs and nachos and pizza by the slice had me thinking for a moment that we had somehow accidentally driven to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. All in all, it was a pretty awesome drive and definitely more entertaining than the turnpike.

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Shots of Stuff Saturday: Le Paris, Partie Une. (Which is Babel Fish for Paris, Part One)

Back in March, Mr. Claire got to go to Paris for work cause he’s a lucky bastard, and then he flew me out afterwards and we stayed for a week, because I’m a lucky bastard, too.

Here’s some pictures!

Endless line of bikes and mopeds in Montmartre. (Personally, I would go with the motorized option on those crazy hills.)

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Shots of Stuff. . . Monday: Old Plaquemines Parish Courthouse and Prison

Yesterday, Mr. Claire and I went on a lazy Sunday drive downriver and ended up sneaking into an abandoned courthouse and prison. Naturally.

The Plaquemines Parish courthouse in Point a la Hache was built in 1915 and burned by arsonists on January 12, 2002. The arsonists were apparently trying to destroy records of a boat motor theft. Seems like an over-reaction.

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Shots of Stuff Saturday! (I don’t know, everyone else has a photo theme day with an alliteration.)

Here are some things I saw in that last week(ish)! Includes an Indonesian tall ship from NOLA Navy Week, a civil war reenactment at Fort Jackson, and lots of bars. In review, it seems I may spend too much time at bars.

Taken on my iPhone with either Hipstamatic or Instagram, cause don’t they make photos look so cool and also effortless?

Rainy Saturdays are for doing absolutely nothing, except for this.

Rainy Saturday mornings are the best. On sunny or partly cloudy Saturday mornings, one may feel pressure to get up and DO something. Like finish one’s health insurance paperwork. Or pick one’s socks up off the floor. Or get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. When really, all any of us want to do is stay in bed and do absolutely nothing useful. Am I right?

So let’s celebrate that with some relaxing, lazy, beautifully gloomy rainy day photos. All taken by me with my iPhone, in places ranging from Louisiana to Pennsylvania to France, sometime between October 2011 and this morning, using either Instagram or Hipstamatic, cause I’m a hipsta like that. Enjoy, and happy Saturday.

This is the only thing I’ve done so far today. I hope your Saturday is going just as well.